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Mar 24, 2013
Big Course
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Name Product: Mat Steinwede – Community Sale Page: Price: $40/ Month

MSC is a AUD$40/month membership site which is loaded with videos about how to sell real estate like a champion. It is high quality and covers all the technical areas of listing and selling real estate, as well as venturing into the mindset side of things pretty solidly.
Enough to get you started and working with his system. In the community goes into much greater depth on each topic, including:

* Listing
* Selling
* Database Nurturing
* Mindset
* High Performance (Corporate Athlete)

Tip: If you want to get a sense of what these videos would be like, you can look at some of the 700+ public videos he has made:

I’ve enjoyed this material, and I think it is some of the best available on this topic, anywhere in the world. Salespeople of all kinds can learn a lot from Mat. His attitude is laid back but infectiously optimistic.


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