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Jul 9, 2019
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Hello, everyone

We’re so sorry because of not regular updating courses to Allimtutorials in the period. There’re some problems which we need time to solve.

Nowadays, we got back and inform that Allimtutorials will continue to build, update and change something to bring to you more new experiences!

Firstly, we will still update courses to Allimtutorials. Because our partner,, is shutdown server suddenly and it results in delaying to find another filehoster to alternate. Now, this problem solved by using that is developed by ourselves. Therefore, new courses have been alternated links to download on and some old courses are also reuploaded again in the filehoster early!

However, I realized that sharing links to download has many risks and problems, I found another method which bring to you new experiences. You can access courses easier and no need to spend lots of time and money to download or buy courses on group buy. I think that this method will be attention by everyone. We built an system LMS (Learning Management System). That means you will be accessed to courses which looks like visiting the author’s website. we rearranged the modules, lessons as same as the author built on their pages. And what you need to do is access and select the course that you are looking for and learn them immediately.

What are advantages of the thing?

1. You no need to download to your computer ( you’ll spend this time to focus on learning). But if you want to save the courses to your computer to watch offline, just hit download

2. You can access to the system by any devices ( laptop, mobile phone or ipad) and learn courses every time and everywhere

3. We will not sell any group buy or special products anymore at Instead of that, you will have to pay a sum of money monthly. You will have permission to access all the courses (including exclusive courses, group buy…) with a small fee: 49$/month (monthly) or 24$/ month (if you buy annual membership package)

4. You can request us take any group buy courses which is opening in any blakhat forum or reseller sites.

To gratefull to all the VIP members, we will have special offers for all of you guys. You will receive

– 40% discount code for monthly membership & 6 month membership. After discounted, you just need to pay $29.4/monthly or $19.7/month (6 month membership)

50% discount for annual membership ===> That mean you will just pay 12.3$/month for this.

So if you’ve been thinking of joining, now is a great chance to jump onboard and save yourself some money not just this month, but every month that you remain a member!

This is crazy discount. No anyone outside biznulled or allimtutorial member get this discount. It’s only available for VIP members here.

You can get the discount code here (Only VIP member can see)

However if you don’t want to join with us at That’s not a big problem, we still continue updating all the new courses at biznulled & allimtutorials site. But some exclusive courses will need open in special offer or group buy.

Best Regards,


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